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From William Thacker’s long-kept field journals comes a fascinating but true story of a remarkable expedition. Thacker and his closest friend, Dr. Richard Ross, set out on a twenty-thousand-mile odyssey across India and Africa to observe and collect wildlife. But they found far more than just animals – danger seemed to await them at nearly every turn.

The first of the series The Chronicles of an Exotic Animal Cowboy, Otters on a Plane allows us to relive unusual and unexpected events with Will, Doc, and the enchanting Joann McVay, the British biologist they meet along the way. We travel along with the young sojourners as they face fascinating moments and unknown dangers. This thrill-packed tale weaves culture, history, science, and even romance into a narrative so descriptive you will feel like you are there.

“When the first strike came, I instinctively pulled back my upper body and dodged to the side. That huge head blurred by, missing me by centimeters. I took two steps back and noticed an old rake with a long handle. It was leaning against the rough-hewn upright next to me. I was now out of range and had time to slide the shaft of the hook under my belt, thus freeing my hands. I picked up the rake. This situation could easily go south. The snake had to be at least twelve feet long to be able to stand a hood as high as my chest. The reptile had no way out except past me and that wasn’t happening!”

-excerpt from Otters on a Plane: The India/Africa Expedition

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