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Come along as four young explorers set out on an overland expedition to Mexico and Guatemala on a voyage of exploration and discovery.

This true story recounts the experiences of recent high school graduates who travel from their Florida hometown to the unfamiliar mountains and tropical jungles of Central America.

Piled into a specially-equipped Land Rover, pulling a trailer laden with the supplies and provisions needed for an eight-week road trip, they travel west to Texas, then deep into Mexico, discovering along the way that no matter how much they planned, danger can strike an unexpected blow.

Making new friends as they went, they crossed paths with unusual creatures, collected wild specimens, and experienced the kindness of strangers.

A recently re-discovered 8mm movie from the trip provides the background for William Thacker’s vivid description of the incredible journey. Along the way, they encounter local inhabitants and exotic wildlife, scenic vistas, and unforeseen perils.

The four relied on the strength and ingenuity of each other to survive, and naturally, it forged a unique bond among them that lasts to this day.

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“The large pit vipers coiled like springs, then rose from the grass, prepared to defend themselves. They held their black, glistening forked tongues flat against the tops of their triangular heads. Musk scented the air like freshly sliced cucumbers.

Their tails were brightly ringed in bands of black and white. The dry, interlocked segments blurred and broadcast a staccato buzz that sent a frisson through us like a current of electricity. We collected four rattlesnakes and placed them safely in the venomous lockbox.”

-excerpt from Adventure Road

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