Cover - Pearl Islands 5 x 8

In 1971, two young adventurers strike out on horseback across the mountains and through the jungles of Panama, following the path of Spanish explorer Vasco Balbo 458 years earlier. Their destination – the Archipélago de las Perlas in search of the “ghost boa.” Danger awaits the pair as they learn that not all that might hurt you can be seen.

But, their previous travails were as nothing compared to those that lay ahead on the small, uninhabited island of Saboga.

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“The afternoon light soon became dusk. We switched on our headlamps and continued through clouds of hungry mosquitos.

Eventually, we reached a small pond. With our light beams, we traced the efficient flight paths of fish-eating bats dipping small fish from the water with their webbed tails. It was now after midnight. We decided to head back. That’s when we discovered we were without our compass. We were lost!”

-excerpt from The Pearl Islands

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