“Will Thacker is a raconteur who has lived a colorful life such as few others have. His generation embodied the last of a breed of adventurers who, on a whim, tackled bold journeys, collecting expeditions and did things that even then inspired awe.”

-Dennis Cathcart, author of Koulèv, Adventures of an American Snake Hunter


“When I’m reading your stories it’s like looking over your shoulder….Damned good writer!”

-Charles Black, author of The View from Big Rock

“Thacker takes you on a journey like none other, deep into the heart of the Orinoco River Basin where he explores a little-known world. Orinoco is more than a thrilling description of the wild flora and fauna of the region. The love story within the book is worth a novel in itself.”

-Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Author of The Big Leap

“When I read your adventures it reminds me of the stories in National Geographic that I read when I was growing up.”

-Robert Twombley

“Will Thacker is truly a cowboy with exotic animals having spent his entire lifetime traveling all over the world to pursue his dreams. Now he shares his adventures with us including the marvelous and the dangerous. His descriptive prowess is simply incredible. The reader is captivated by the story and then seemingly catapulted right into the middle of it. You not only ‘hear’ but ‘feel’ the roar of the lion. Readers across all genres will find this book impossible to put down. We are fortunate to be able to share in his exploits.”

-Russ Snyder, author of The Sgt. Marvin Styles Assignments and The Jonathan Steele Adventures

“Will Thacker will never be accused of making himself too comfortable. Swamps, deserts, impenetrable rainforests are no deterrents to an inveterate traveler, animal lover and adventurer who’s clearly grabbed Life by the nape of the neck and shaken the hell out of it. Now, he takes you along for the ride. Sit up and pay attention.”   

-Bill Killeen, blogger, The Flying Pie

“Good story, a little history and geography along with knowledge and humor.”

-Hal L

Brilliant! I love the softness of the interaction between you and the woman in the story. The way you told it was so sweet and respectful, and tender and beautiful and loving and poetic . . . Such a brilliant choice of so few but meaningful and descriptive words. And the connection between the tigers and the human story with just enough scientific descriptions to make the reader feel informed without getting too overwhelming. And, of course the thrill of the adventure! In my opinion, the stories keep getting better. Can’t wait for the next one. 

-Judi Cain, artist

“The stories you’ve written and the adventures you have been on have been so perfectly described, both in the lands and the animals you’ve encountered, but also, the care you have taken in the way you have written our love story makes my heart swell.  Can’t wait to see which of our adventures you’ll share next.” 


“I highly recommend this excellent true story of animal rescue and conservation, anthropology, adventure and romance. William Thacker’s memoir had me on the edge of my seat…and I learned about animals sand cultures that (I’m embarrassed to say) I’ve never heard of before. I’m in awe of William’s life stories…of course, I’m very curious to know what happens next! Bravo, Will Thacker! I savored this book and felt sad when turned the last page.”

-Lynn Sennett