Orinoco Cover 15

Now comes the continuation of The Chronicles of An Exotic Animal Cowboy, the daring journeys of herpetologist Will Thacker and Dr. Joann McVay, his beloved British biologist companion.

Packed with action and intrigue, Orinoco is the sequel to Otters on a Plane: The India/Africa Expedition. Join the pair on their grand adventures as they study and collect fascinating wildlife and attempt to preserve endangered species. As usual, danger follows them wherever they travel. They must escape many dicey predicaments using only their wits and the help of the many friends they meet along the way.

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“I had never before heard Joann scream, but I’ll never forget it. She cried out in pain to the night itself when the rope tightened around her ankle. I turned and looked on in horror as I saw her fly out of the boat like a rag doll. Tom was holding Wono back from plunging over the side. She disappeared beneath the surface and was simply gone.”

-excerpt from Orinoco

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