Into the Orinoco Basin

After returning from an expedition to India and Africa herpetologist Will Thacker continues his quest for exotic animals. His concern for the endangered Orinoco crocodile takes him to Venezuela to study these prehistoric reptiles and to collect juveniles of the species to help start breeding programs at zoos in the United States.

Will is accompanied on his journey by Dr. Joann McVay, the British biologist he met in India at the Sundarban Tiger Reserve. The pair engages Tom McClimon, a former Army Ranger and bush pilot to fly them into the rainforest where they befriend the Piaroa, a local peace-loving indigenous people. Soon their tranquility is interrupted when they encounter a murderous band of drug-smuggling crocodile poachers who make their visit more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Inspired by true events, this fascinating glimpse into the world of conservation, romance, danger, and adventure. It will have you craving more.

Kindle Edition